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A 1G smart-enabled single retractive toggle switch finished in stainless steel. The toggle arms are made from solid metal and feature our signature, diamond-cut, cross knurl pattern.

This retractive switch has a sprung mechanism that returns the switch to its original position and is sometimes referred to as ‘push to make’, ‘push button’, or ‘finish’ switch. It works perfectly with all Buster + Punch light bulbs.

Our retractive toggle switch can be paired with industry-standard smart control modules (with retractive switch inputs) to control various functions such as lighting, blinds, gates etc within your home. For example, when used in a lighting circuit, a short press turns the light on/off. A long press cycles the brightness up and then down to reach the desired brightness level. Wired on the same circuit as a window blind, a short press opens/closes the blind completely, and a long press partially raises or lowers the blind until you release it.

Our retractive toggle switch can be paired with the B+P retractive dimmer module (CDM-142038) to allow for multi-location dimming.

Please note:

This switch requires the B+P retractive dimmer module (CDM-142038), or a Smart dimmer module that accepts a retractive input, to function. We recommend checking with a qualified electrician.

Retractive switches are not compatible with 2/3 way switching.

This product will be sent as three separate items – plate, module and detail kit.

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