A limited edition collaboration between Buster + Punch and Canadaköket. The Butcher's Kitchen by Buster + Punch Available in Hoxton Light, Borough Medium and Smithfield Dark. The Butcher’s kitchen is a mix of Buster + Punch’s cutting edge design mixed with over 150 years of cabinetry experience. Handcrafted from natural materials, The Butchers Kitchen is inspired by London’s historic meat markets and features details such as marble, characteristic of a traditional butcher’s countertop, a brass sink and faucet. The Butcher's Kitchen by Buster + PunchThe Hoxton light colour palette has been influenced by Nordic landscapes steel or brass contrast with, light grey marble and greys-blue painted cabinets. We recommend styling the Hoxton light is styled with steel or brass hardware.Borough Medium includes treated ash in a darker tone to enhance the white-pigmented oak. The Butcher's Kitchen by Buster + PunchThese earthy tones can be styled with Buster + Punch’s signature hardware in brass or smoked bronze, finished with sandstone or composite stoneware. Smithfield Dark takes its name from its burnt ash cabinets encasing heat proof fire glass and contrasted with smoked stained oak. The Butcher's Kitchen by Buster + PunchLike the Hoxton Light and Borough Medium, all three versions of the Butcher’s Kitchen come with Buster + Punch’s signature light within a cage.The Butcher's Kitchen by Buster + Punch

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