Design trends 

It’s that time of the year where we are suffocated by design trends for 2019. Whatever you think is ‘hot or not’ be sure to be different this year. Here are a few things that help us END ORDINARY. Buster + Punch Interior designMIX
Unexpected combinations have the ability to create new dimensions and add to the experience. This works for everything from metals to woods and will help set you apart from the crowd. Buster + Punch MeshedMESH
Leave your filters in your phone and move them into your home. Metal mesh & Gauze shows just enough to excite, whilst making everything look bigger & bolder. Buster + Punch Light switch

Fixed fittings and details should be subtle and feel timeless this year. This is a ‘living’ finish which will age with you and get better with time. Buster + Punch Interior design

Don’t hold back when it comes to the number of light sources in your home. Mix & match type (wall, table, floor) and colour (warm & cold) to stay ‘lit’ this winter. Keep the lights on when being analogue and turn them off when posting on social!