Lighting affects the perception of space in any interior. Let your light fixtures suite your needs while reflecting your style.
Our lighting ranges are designed to work in harmony to create a smooth transition between interior spaces.
Exhaust spotlightExhaust is a trailblazing new range of spotlights, inspired by motorbike exhausts and designed to elevate functional lighting. EXHAUST features several new products, including a variety of fixtures and finishes to suite your style and needs.
Buster + Punch STONEDMade of solid granite, our STONED TABLE LIGHT is a bold statement piece for any bedside table.
Add some punch to your interior. 
Buster + Punch HEROThe HERO. Inspired by the great blacksmiths of yesterday and refined to outlast tomorrow. Designed to be the focal point and HERO of any room, the light pendants can either be set in the ring or left to hang through the centre. 
Buster + Punch Interior designCAGED lighting takes a simple design and transforms it into a series of extraordinary building blocks. This light can be mounted as a wall or ceiling light and can work on its own or in linear procession for maximum impact. Start thinking outside of the box.

Buster + Punch KitchenPhotography: Hampus Marcussen / Project:

Make an impression with our refined lighting. HOOKED can be customised from one pendant to six pendants, each with their own customising hook, and matte rubber detailing. Display HOOKED on the wall, or in the ceiling and personalised for any room. Go for a single pendant for a discrete look, or amp things up with the 6.0 if you feel like making a statement. 

Buster + Punch Interior design
HEAVY METAL. This all-time favourite classic features a single light pendant made from 450g solid metal and finished with a matt black rubber cord. A light that adds a refined touch in any room.  

Get creative.