With a background in architecture and industrial design, our founder and creative director Massimo Buster Minale is an expert when it comes to renovation. Having renovated countless living areas, restaurants and bars, Massimo has three crucial pieces of advice to consider before picking up the hammer.  Buster + Punch Interior design


Create a lighting to do list, listing the areas in each room which need lights installing and others which will need table lights. Sketch out your budget accordingly, bearing in mind table lights can be easily changed or added later in the project. The lighting will differ in each room depending on its purpose. For example you might want low lighting in the bedroom and bright in the bathroom, but choosing similar lighting designs will pull together the feel of your home or office. Customisable lighting collections like HOOKED, are perfect for creating a system throughout the home or office as they can be adapted for each room. 

HOOKED / Brass

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Intimate spaces are key to creating a dynamic office or home. Plan these spaces according to the layout of the room, taking time to think about what each micro space will need. For example, you might want to paint the closet doors of your dressing area a contrasting bold colour from the rest of the bedroom, helping to break up the space. Taking time to carefully plan these areas will ease your to do list in the weeks to come.  

Furniture knob


Once lighting schemes and intimate spaces are planned out, its time to focus on the details. Like lighting, having HARDWARE in similar finishes for every room will help to build the mood and identity of your home or office. Furniture knobs, door lever handles, closet bars, pull bars and t-bars are all worth investing in and worth adding into your budget from the outset. Our solid metal HARDWARE, with diamond-cut detailing comes in different metal finishes, allowing for creativity while never comprising on quality.