Maria Kangärde is a well-known interior designer working with premium clients, creating concepts for both private and commercial projects.Buster + Punch Scandinavian InteriorCould you describe Scandinavian design?
Scandinavian design is very clean, natural and austere. In my design projects I always try to emulate a Scandinavian look, whilst at the same time creating an international and luxurious feel. I strive for elegant with an edge.

How can styling influence the final sale price?
If the interior styling is done well, it will help the home stand out from the rest, and show its potential. The goal is always to entice potential buyers and get them to think ‘this is where I want to live’. My best advice would be to hire a decorator when you first move in, instead of paying someone to style your home when you’re about to sell. A decorator can help your home reach its full potential and create a warm and exciting environment. This way you can enjoy your home fully until it’s time to move on to the next chapter.Buster + Punch Scandinavian Interior

What’s the secret behind designing a beautiful home?
When I design and decorate, I spend a lot of time focusing on the home as a whole, to create harmony and add personal touches. All parts are equally important, and I would recommend having a plan from the beginning so that you know what you want to achieve. Work with lighting, fabrics, textures, colors and materials, but don’t skimp on quality and invest in good design. Don’t forget to ‘dress’ the walls with lamps, art and textiles.

What is hot right now?
I love metallics. Smoked bronze is one of my favorite details to use when decorating. I love the subtle warmth and the solid feel of the metal. It makes anything beautiful and cool, whether it’s used in lighting, hardware, or anything else. Buster + Punch Scandinavian Interior

How does material and quality affect a purchase decision?
It’s so important, for my clients and myself. It’s vital to buy things that will stand the test of time, both in terms of design and functionality. Buster + Punch Scandinavian Interior

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