Spectacular Regency townhouse mixes traditional elegance with attitude. Enjoy a sneak peak into this luxury, five-story architectural dream, completed by Pfeiffer Design with kitchen design by Buster + Punch stockist Angela Cheung.
Buster + Punch KitchenThe beautiful architectural features have been carefully preserved and balanced by the use of contemporary design, resulting in an interesting interior with a very sophisticated feel.

Buster + Punch KitchenThe kitchen is strikingly sleek and minimal, while still being inviting with a warm feel. By juxtaposing contemporary ideas against the traditional architectural features, a coherent flow seamlessly ties all spaces together.

Buster + Punch KitchenSolid brass PULL BAR / PLATE was used throughout the kitchen to complement the deep blue hue of the kitchen cabinetry, resulting in a luxe vibe with an edge.

Buster + Punch Interior design

Angela Cheung is an independent British brand that creates unique and innovative design solutions. Bringing creative projects to life, whilst delivering every time.
Pfeiffer Design is a small, female-led team of professional interior designers, specialising in whole-home refurbishment across England.