Buster + Punch giftsIt’s that time of the year, and things are about to get LIT!
Find the best gifts for your partner, your friends, and yourself.
Buster + Punch giftsGet into the holiday spirit with our brand new TEALIGHT CANDLE HOLDERS, made from solid metal and featuring our signature, diamond-cut, cross knurl pattern. Fashioned from a solid metal bar, the machined face on the inside of the holder creates stunning reflections from the candle light. Feel IGNITED!
Buster + Punch Interior giftsKeep things HOT with our classic MACHINED CANDELABRA. Featuring 6 tall candle holders, MACHINED makes a great fit and is guaranteed to make a stunning table display.
Buster + Punch giftsA great whisky requires a great glass. Our MACHINED plate made is made of solid brushed metal and comes complete with 2 hand blown crystal WHISKY glasses that fit perfectly into the plate. It’s not just great to drink out of, but also makes a great interior deatils.
Buster + Punch NecklaceOur one size fits all NECKLACE makes a perfect gift for every character. Featuring our signature, diamond-cut, cross knurl pattern, and comes in a ‘Buster + Punch’ gift box and velvet pouch, this gift is sure to wow friends and family.
Buster + Punch ROCKSTARIt’s never too late to become a rockstar. Entertain your guests this holiday season with our ROCKSTAR BAR. Handmade from solid American Walnut, a quilted grey berry silk back panel, fitted with a knurled solid brass light and complete with a snake’s heat cage for protection. A real statement piece.
Buster + Punch HERODesigned to be the focal point and HERO of any room, the light pendants can either be set in the ring or left to hang through the centre. Surprise someone with the gift of LIGHT this year!