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pamper your pooch

Be the undisputed leader of the pack with the B+P Pet Collection.

From £45

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it’s all in the details

The unmistakable Buster + Punch solid metal hardware instantly transforms your interiors.
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get barred

Looking for an alternative to cabinet knobs? Try the L-Bar’s dynamic aesthetic.

From £33

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enhance your wardrobe

Formal, casual or street-style, our solid metal details complete the look.
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When Travis Barker & Buster + Punch make a lamp together, it’s a solid metal smash. From £300


Statement Furniture

Create a scene with B+P’s Meshed tables and our Girder + Hanger shelves.

top table

Interior decoration and accessories in striking solid metals.
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be chill

Keep your drinks cool and your beverages toasty with a B+P Water Bottle.

From £21

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