A dimmer switch finished in brass. The dimmer knob features our signature, diamond-cut, cross knurl pattern and is made from solid brass.

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      Q + A

      How do I clean my electricity collection?

      A slightly damp microfiber cloth is best, never use any chemicals as this will damaged the metal surface.

      Are your dimmer modules 3-way?

      Yes our dimmer modules are 3-way but if your need a 4-way solution you will need an intermediate dummy dimmer.

      Do you stock 1-10 V dimming modules?

      No unfortunately we are not at the moment, but this will be available soon.

      Who do you specify for your dimming modules?

      We have our own brand of premium dimmer modules.

      Are your modules tested for use throughout North America?

      Yes, our dimmer module is certified for use throughout North America.

      For further technical details?

      Please download our tech spec.

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