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Buster + Punch Kitchen

Check out this dark, sophisticated apartment in the heart of Stockholm. 

We talked to the designer Natasha Radovan Anderlund, to hear more about the thoughts behind the atmosphere and the renovation process.

Buster + Punch Closet

How would you describe the atmosphere?

This apartment is our fifth renovation project, and I believe it’s our best apartment so far. It feels luxurious and modern at the same time. We’ve saved a lot of the older details and made use of all the space, for example, we hid the washing machine and changing table for the little one in a closet instead of having it in the bathroom.

Buster + Punch Interior design

 How did you think in terms of material selection?

We try to keep a red thread throughout the whole apartment, to create a sense of coherence. At the beginning of 2012 when we renovated our first apartment we always tried to find cheap solutions, that way of thinking is a long way gone! It really pays off to choose higher quality and design. 

Buster + Punch Interior design

What Buster + Punch products did you use, why, and how do they harmonize with this space?

We discovered Buster + Punch when renovating our third apartment, and every apartment after that we expanded the selection of products in our projects. We have used BRASS HARDWARE  in all rooms (kitchen, living room, walk-in, toilet, bathroom). And we have the HOOKED chandelier both in the living room and the bedroom. We like the impression that the products give. We also have switches and electrical outlets in all the rooms. It’s great to keep a red thread throughout the whole apartment.

Buster + Punch HOOKED

What are your best tips for others who want to renovate?

The budget! It’s like planning a wedding- count on that it will be more expensive then you imagined from the beginning, then you can be happy if it’s not! And don’t think “what would other people buy?”, just think, “what would I love? and what would I buy??”. It’s also very important to always update your mood board! Save all the inspirational pictures you stumble upon that you love, even if you not can use it right now, there might be an apartment where it one day fits!  It’s fun, I promise!

Buster + Punch Lighting
Buster + PunchFurniture knob

Photography / David Jansson
Images / Nestor Fastighetsmäkleri