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3 Tips on lighting from a light architect

Helena Åkerberg, from Light Architect at Greatlight shared some tips on how to play with the lighting in our house:


How we perceive the proportions of a space is directly linked to it’s lighting.

Atmosphere is elusive and consequently the feeling of an interior space can be manipulated in a number of ways.
What most people tend to miss, is that one of the most efficient ways of adjusting the perception of a space is through lighting. The placement and number of light sources, their angles, luminosity and colour temperature will all help determine the feeling of your interior. You can make a room appear bigger, smaller, narrower or even give the feeling of a higher ceiling, just by being strategic in your selection of lighting.

Tips on how to manipulate proportions of a room through the use of light:

– Make the room appear wider by lighting up the walls
– The ceiling height will feel more generous when light is directed up towards the ceiling
– When light is angled towards the floor and ceilings are kept dark, the room will be perceived as smaller or even cramped