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Matte wood paneling, slabby parquet floors, moreish creamy greys on white…

And dripping with Buster + Punch lighting and hardware detailing, this Stockholm apartment leaves a real impression. It’s easy to get carried away when you begin an interior design project, thinking that you need an interior concept for each individual room or space.

However, it’s often easier to use something like a simple, timeless colour scheme throughout and then rely on punchy hardware and fittings to pull everything together as a whole. One tone of wood, one kind of textural element and a versatile stone, like the use of marble in this case. Add a bit of Buster, and you’ve got a simple recipe for WOW.

Explore the images, pick your jaw off the floor, the get the look.


[photography. DAVID JANSSON.]

[apartment for sale. NESTOR FATIGHETSMAKLERI.]