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Smoked Out Bliss

A Deeper Shade of Wood 

An unapologetically assertive kitchen that deploys the charisma of SMOKED BRONZE to maximum effect. 

Elongated floor-to-ceiling cabinets and wide-brimmed natural stone counter surfaces define this rugged and stormy home gastro space in Belgium. 

Project WA, by De Maatwerker, uses a simple palette of materials and finishes to create a kitchen with a multi-layered personality. A rough, choppy brushed oak veneer for the cabinets and panelling with a thick slice of ceppo di gres natural stone. 

Fixtures and hardware is smoked bronze throughout, with Buster + Punch PULL BARS finessing the space. 

[project. DE MAATWERKER.

[photographer. THIBAULT DEBAENE.]