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Buster + Punch Kitchen


A minimalistic urban Stockholm pad located in Birkastan, a vibrant part of Stockholm’s inner city.  Influencer Johnny Edlind’s apartment boasts dark hues and bold details.

The elegant kitchen features a classic combination of marble, white tiles and light grey cabinets, brought together by the use of solid BRASS HARDWARE.

Buster + Punch Kitchen

FURNITURE KNOBS for all cabinets have been combined with T-BAR for dishwasher and CLOSET BAR + PULL BAR for fridge and freezer.
Wooden floors and wall panelling maintain the classic Victorian feel, balanced with the contemporary monochrome colour scheme we often find in the Scandinavian interior. 

Buster + Punch Interior design

CAGED 4.0 Ceiling with its marble panel and sleek black steel frame adds an eye-catching edge to the main room.  A rocking bedroom with HOOKED WALL lamps in finish Graphite / Brass on both sides of the bed, added for functionality and design. A MACHINED brass vase on the MESHED bedside table accentuates the hooked brass lamps above. 

Buster + Punch Interior design
Buster + Punch Bedroom

Styling and photography / Nero Interior