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Black and white, a classic combo with the power to turn an interior into a spectacular op art piece that the likes of Bridget Riley would be proud of. It requires a confident, committed touch where the details are concerned, and it’s worth investing time in colour matching the elements. 

This monochrome kitchen took three years to realise, with every angle, curve and form highlighted or softened by the use of colour and material. The curve of the bulkheaded island is echoed in the light overhead. The thin panelled ceiling treatment also wraps around the corner of the island and the work spaces are framed by strong white pillars. 

Semi-transparent storage, utilities close to hand and the perfect breakfast bar nook, this is one space that’s going to be the centre of the home, which is exactly what the owners were after.

It’s a functional piece of art, with equally functional details and hardware from Buster + Punch, colour matched to blend with the dramatic foundation tones. Three years of planning and work executed with artisanal flair. You wouldn’t even blame them for signing it to scare away the copycats.

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