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Travis Barker x Buster + Punch

It’s been hard to keep a high hat on this one. A collaboration pretty much unheard of in interiors, with a creator that shares our love of not being pigeonholed and the results scream in the face of the mainstream. A match made in heaven, or hell perhaps.

The Skull Collection by Travis Barker & Buster + Punch began a few years ago, when we linked up with Barker when his new studio was being designed. Our founder and creative director, Massimo Buster Minale, was talking with Barker about design and architecture who sketched a drum key during the conversation. The sketch sparked further discussion, more ideas, flowing like a jazz composition into a fully-fledged collection that’s been refined for well over a year.

“It’s a statement on design today – unexpected, functional, fluid… It’s a collection that reflects our outlook on creativity.”

– Massimo Buster Minale

Made from solid and cast molten metals and refined by super talented hands, it’s the embodiment of rock’n’roll rebellion and spirit, with an adrenalin kick like being in the middle of a Black Flag circle pit.