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Our humble 1G Toggle from our groundbreaking Electricity range has always punched way above its weight. And its brass variant occupies a special place in the hearts (and homes) of B+P fans.

Not a day goes past without seeing it crop up in our Insta feeds, and your own unboxing stories, as new owners discover its soft, warm glow and the satisfying joy of its analogue click-click. There’s still something special about the way the toggle connects us with our interiors – an antidote to cold black smart screens.

Team it with natural woods, and dark tones, or make it pop against lighter backdrops… the brass glowing like an inviting open flame. And don’t even get us started on customising with detail kits!

The 1G Toggle in Brass, a hero from the first flick in the morning, ’til the end of the night.