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Explore A Refined, Easy Look

This effortless apartment look lets its brass detailing do all the heavy lifting, to create a look that’s elegant and easy on the eye. Dark chocolatey veneers and panelling are mirrored in the use of well-curated furniture and contrast well with rough, textured rugs, upholstery and creamy neutrals.

It’s a formula that stretches throughout the apartment, stylistically underpinned with seamless Buster + Punch detailing and lighting, mainly in brass. A nice touch is the Caged wall light in the kitchen, referencing the cubed panels beneath.

Our pro-tip, to really enhance these kinds of simple and elegant looks, is to combine hardware, a little lighting and switches in the same finish.

Now for sale via Blumenthal Hoffman

Object / Blumenthal Hoffman
Agent / Emil Hoffman