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Transforming your kitchen into a space that stirs the senses starts with formulating a ‘theme’ using materials as your guide. In this case, we’re using Buster + Punch’s steel as the red thread that knits the look together. Once that’s set, it’s as easy as…

1) Clear the decks
Ask yourself, do you really need that slogan mug? Or Auntie’s cracked porcelain? Three salt dispensers? If you don’t use it, recycle it or pass it on. Just leave yourself a couple of glasses for later…

2) Be the drama
Opt for a darker colour on one or two walls as a backdrop to contrast against with your cabinets, hardware and lighting. See how everything pops in this kitchen giving the space extra depth.

3) New B+P Hardware
Upgrading your cabinet hardware to Buster + Punch’s solid metal pull bars, cabinet knobs and T-bars will transform everything in a flash. Our Cross look is great if you want a more prominent, bold look. Linear will make your kitchen look and feel elegant and refined.

4) Create the WOW! factor
Embrace the unexpected and add lighting or accessories that energise the space. Here, we’re using Buster + Punch Forked pendant lights, with shades in Burnt Steel.

5) Finesse the look
Elevate the whole vibe with details, sockets, outlets and light switches in steel to match your theme.

6) Grab those glasses we were talking about earlier and fill them with the beverage of your choice. You’re more than entitled to toast your epic new space.