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BUSTER + PUNCH x HAECKELS have created a unique collaboration, joining the worlds of natural fragrances and machined metal. 
Through sharing a mutual love and respect for both design and quality, this partnership shares both brands values and passion for the worlds they create. 

The bespoke fragrances are accompanied by a locally sourced chalk diffuser. As a naturally porous sedimentary rock, once a few drops of the fragrance have been added, they act as a natural diffuser for the interior fragrance. 


Accompanying the fragrances are two metal plates machined from solid STEEL / BRASS. The metal plate is 6mm in thickness, with a matte black silicon base to give the plate a perfect lift off the underlying surface. This creates a subtle shadow line. Precise machine idents of a spherical shape, house the Haeckel’s fragrance & ceramic diffuser. When combined these elements create a beautiful arrangement for any interior space.



SEA BREEZE has been created from a mixture of clifftop botanicals, grasses and rocks which we have worked with and combined into a beautifully delicate, fresh and unique fragrance. It invokes calm seaside days, of childhood happiness and a fascination with the beauty of nature.  
KEY INGREDIENTS: Cliff grasses, crushed sea shells and seawater. 

BURNT IRON is a full-bodied, sensual aroma developed using raw fragments of iron. The idea of craftsmanship imposing on nature and turning it into something refined and constructed, is key to this composition. There are notes of dark woods, fire and earth, as well as the metallic. These combine to give the impression of an early forge where man and nature come together in an evocative scent. 
KEY INGREDIENTS: Burnt wood, iron extracts, grass, moss and spring lemon balm.

“This collaboration takes us back to where it all started in our garage in East London, making unexpected things with our talented friends. Haeckels are the best in the game when it comes to natural scents and we rule when it comes to machining metal. As honest a product as you can get, this one smells as good as it looks” 

– Massimo Minale, Founder of BUSTER + PUNCH.

“We’re super excited to have the opportunity to work with Buster and Punch: they combine a super high spec finish with incredible materials and craftsmanship in such an amazing way we saw it as an instant good fit” 

– Dom Bridges, Founder of HAECKELS.