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Artists with punch

Print by Dan Hillier at Arthur Hooper’s

Our work is inspired by London’s fashion, music and sub-culture scenes. We regularly collaborate with street artists, bike builders, musicians and fashion designers to inject attitude into our crafted products.

“I have always been affected by London Street Art. Hanging a piece of art on your walls draws a clear battle line as to what your passions and beliefs are – don’t take it lightly. I am a portrait lover, I need art that stares at you and asks questions.” Massimo Buster Minale

Art has always been central to our creativity and there are a few artists who continually inspire us. Read more about them below. 

Matt Small

Matt Small art and Buster + Punch lighting

Matt Small paints portraits of forgotten, anonymous subjects on the fringes of society, onto to discarded canvases he sources from the urban landscape. These are often young people without privilege. His work is highly emotive and he regularly gifts the original artworks to these subjects. He has a strong social conscience and is involved in youth programmes aimed at helping excluded youth. 


Rugman art and HOOKED 1.0 light pendant in brass

With a background in graphic design, Rugman has collaborated with notable fashion and streetwear brands from Calvin Klein to New Era. He has participated in events organised by Banksy such as the Cans Festival, alongside other street artists. He has been exhibited in Barcelona, New York, Califronia, Dublin and Stockholm, with his most recent show at the Saatchi Gallery in London. His art has been collected by music and Hollywood royalty including the Prodigy, Blink 182, Plan B and Tom Hardy. 

Angelique Houtkamp

Angelique Houtkamp art and HOOKED wall light from Buster + Punch

Angelique Houtkamp is inspired by graphic romance and traditional tattoo designs. She has her own tattoo parlour in Amsterdam with an impressive waiting list. She has been featured in countless magazines and books which has helped to build her cult following. Angelique’s distinctive icons are instantly recognisable and have grown her fan base internationally.