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In the heart of Riga, we find Hotel A22, -a fantastic setting whether you are an interior design enthusiast or just a hotel guest looking for a great stay. The small hotel comprises 20 rooms, each with its own unique character but united by bold interior design, comfortable layout and high-quality modern fittings.
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CPB Design Studio and designer Stephan Boldirev believe that the most important aspect of each project is to create an atmosphere with functionality, and secondly to evoke memorable first impressions and emotions.
A22’s philosophy aims to be genuine in every detail. An atmosphere that embodies exceptional living and a comfortable aesthetic.

Bathroom HotelA22

To achieve the mood of quiet chic, CBP incorporated soothing dark colours and rich textures to set the atmosphere, The attention to detail and respect for the space will immediately make you feel at ease. Every room features a state-of-the-art sound system, allowing guests to infuse the space with their own personal vibe. The interior includes halftone colours and natural tones, focusing on tactile materials for a timeless feel. Selected materials include stone, marble, wood, leather, glass, brass, steel and other non-ferrous metals.

Hotel A22 dimmer
Hotel A22 dimmer

Buster + Punch SWITCHESDIMMERS and HARDWARE were selected for their tactile character and to harmonize and complement the space. The custom print on the electricity was designed by CBP by the inhouse art director, Mark Litvjakov, and printed using laser.

Hotel A22 Bedroom

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