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Lighting The Way

Our tips for creating mesmerising lighting installations

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When you stop considering lighting strictly as a tool and begin using it as a part of your interior design, that’s when the magic begins. Then it doesn’t matter if they’re on or off, the lighting as a piece of design completes the space, linking everything within a space together. It becomes an installation.

Big things start small, as they say, so we’ll kick straight off with something for those of you wanting to create some drama in a smaller space. Over the years we’ve seen incredible transformative installations in spaces that deploy one or two of our EXHAUST or HEAVY METAL pendants.

Hung slightly low, grazing the eye line, the pendant’s diamond-cut knurling and solid metal construction projects a larger than life confidence, especially when twinned with our eye-catching BUSTER BULBS. And don’t think you have to position then smack in the middle of a space – hang them over a piece of furniture or plant to get cast some nice shadows on a wall or surface.

Taking things up a notch, the kitchen and dining room lend themselves to a touch of drama and come alive with the addition of a HOOKED or HERO light above a table or work surface. Both options let you play with drop height, making them versatile styling assets. Both options flow easily into living rooms and entrance halls too, and can be given even more pop if you choose BRASS or STEEL.

If you really want to stop ‘em dead in their tracks though, there’s really only one way to go; all in with a bespoke Buster + Punch CHANDELIER. Created with 10, 19 or 31 of our pendant lights, in heavy metal or exhaust variants, create a timeless look with a classic formation of lights, or something more natural and organic using a cascade arrangement.

Think position, drop height, select your style and light it up for instantaneous allure.