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Exhaust Track / Graphite / Brass

Exhaust in graphite with brass baffle is an unmistakable design hero.

If you’re about to embark on a renovation Exhaust should be up there on your spec list. And you can include it safe in the knowledge that you’ll be joining the ranks of some of our all-time favourite interiors projects ever.

This light has a couple of very unique superpowers. One of them is the ease of installation – electricians are big fans of track spots as they’re fit and forget installations and aren’t as invasive as a ‘flush’ spotlight. Once the track’s in place, you can enjoy the ease at which you can zone up spaces by clustering and aiming your spotlights.

Its other superpower is more superficial. They combine seamlessly with other B+P products, from Linear hardware to linear pendants or playing off the brass finish. Styles and looks are only really limited by your imagination.