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Modern material magic – Stone, concrete + metal

Minimal and unapologetic, this space is studded with steel and gun metal Buster + Punch detailing that enhance its deliberately strict styling. Metal, stone and slabs of raw concrete define the modern interior that uses thin accents of black metal to frame its spaces.

In the Scrambler Green Buster + Punch Kitchen with its cast hardware and a pair of Hanger shelves, forked lighting backs up a track of Exhaust lights that continue on into the living area, connecting the spaces with ease. Want privacy? Grab the steel B+P Linear Door Knob and slide the huge fluted glass partitions across.

A noteworthy detail is the use of two Forked pendants, almost mirroring each other, with the one in the living area being the open globe version to cast a softer more ambient light. An added smattering of carefully chosen pieces of furniture result in a composition that can be filed in the folder marked ‘Details are everything’.

Here’s a foolproof method if you fancy the look yourself.

Clear the clutter. Everywhere. Surfaces clean and crisp, essential items only on display and everything else in a drawer or cupboard. Go minimal on the furniture to let the space breathe, but feel free to max out on the details and lighting. Use no more than three ‘base’ materials in the architecture, and a couple of finishes on the hardware + lighting elements.