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As one of the professional dancers on Dancing With the Stars, Artem Chigvintsev is no stranger to the art of space and time. Specialising in Latin dance, Artem was part of the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing until relocating to the states to join the DWTS show, where he lives with his family.

His home is a place of stillness in the busy schedules of Chigvintsev and his wife, and they frequently enjoy the company of family and friends. As a dancer, the ideas of physical touch run through into his home and it’s no surprise to see Buster + Punch hardware, electricity and our new faucet, taking care of the details in the Chigvintsev kitchen. As he notes, “touch, connection and detail are crucially important. The theme is definitely very Buster + Punch and we like the way it complements the plaster we use throughout the home.”

Artem joins the growing number of Buster + Punch fans bringing our faucet into their homes. “We love our faucet, and we wanted to continue the style of hardware that we have throughout the home. The faucet is definitely the final touch,” he explains.

Behind the dance, Artem shares our passion for motorcycles; “There’s a feeling of the custom bike roots in every product. They feel very personal and have a great quality and attention to detail.”

While we might not all be dancers at the same level as Chigvintsev, we can all relate to the search for pairings in life that give you a connection that can’t be described in words alone. And we’re happy he found that kind of connection off-stage as well as on.