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Amnie is a design duo that brings a beautiful mix of cultural influences and references to their work. The richness of Iran and the clinical minimalism of Scandinavia bring a unique stylistic expression that we had to explore more. What makes the duo even more compelling is their commitment to seeing a project through from start to finish, and they’re happy to get their hands dirty to create dream homes for their clients.

Tell us about yourselves and what you do.
Amnie Design and Development is a full-scale interior design firm doing bespoke client projects and complete residential projects. Amnie was born out of the passion for creating beautiful and unique homes. The name of our firm is simply a blend of our names: Amir and Annie. After several of our own full-scale renovation projects, we took the step to fulfil our dream to work with renovation and interior design on a professional level and started Amnie. We help our clients to create a unique home and take care of everything from start to finish, to create their dream home, regardless of whether it is a complete renovation, minor renovation, guidance or just styling. We start by building a design concept and then take care of the entire journey to make it a reality.

You’ve got an interesting mix of backgrounds and cultural reference points; how do those impact your projects?
Definitively, our different backgrounds can sometimes challenge us, but at the same time help us to push our boundaries further within interior design. Amir’s Iranian and Annie’s Swedish heritage can influence us in different directions, and It is hard to answer this question without mentioning the contrast between the clean Scandinavian style and the rich Iranian design. For example, as a Swede, Annie used to see a lot of wood in Swedish homes while Amir is used to a lot of natural stones such as marble in Iranian homes. Also, combining the clean Scandinavian style with the rich Iranian design is always an adventure. It’s advantageous to have both sides and we are happy to see ideas from different points of view. Sometimes it can take a little longer to agree and see the same picture, but in the end, it always ends up very well and it’s never boring. One of us is always challenging the other.

Our different studies and work experience have given us a broad platform and a great combination. Even if we take many decisions together Amir is more focused on the bigger picture as layout planning, technical solutions and project managing, while Annie is more detail-focused and her expertise shines through more at the end of every project when it comes to colours, material and styling.

It appears that Amnie can offer a client much more than simply the ‘design’ itself – from the building and fabrication itself to Annie’s textile experience and more. That must be great from a client’s point of view.
We do believe that communication between the clients, designers and craftspeople involved is the key to success. We complement each other with our different knowledge and experiences and can offer the client everything from design, and craftsmanship to styling, which makes it easier for the clients to get to their dream picture.

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