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What led you to a career as a musician?

I would use songs to write what I wanted to say to people. Through lyrics you can get away with saying whatever you want – mostly without the hostility and debate you’d get by trying to bring certain topics up in normal conversation with people. I’d see a lot of injustice and get angry about a lot of things growing up, and music was the way I could discuss and elaborate on these subjects and share my opinions.

Describe your personal style…

I am lazy! I have a constant floordrobe and want to whack anything on and look co-ordinated, so I wear a lot of basic tones and not much colour. I like covering up but revealing something subtly. On stage I go for a long see-through dress with a leotard or big underwear. I don’t like conforming to woman’s styles; I wear boys’s trainers most times because I’m a size 8. I’m not dressing for other people, I dress for me. 

I hate feeling scruffy, but I love dressing grungy… sometimes I get it wrong 🙁 And get hot REALLY easily so hate any non-breathable fabrics. I don’t wear anything from animals <3

Who are your design and music icons?

I love Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood – they both do fashion with a purpose. I love how Vivienne creates fluidity between genders and campaigns in current affairs. I feel stereotypes and conformity really damage us – we start thinking in boxes and that’s completely unnecessary, and doesn’t make us happy. We’re not supposed to fit in boxes until we’re dead. Music icons are women who have been doing it their whole lives. At Hyde Park I was lucky enough to see Carole King – 74. That is the goal! You keep doing your own thing until it’s a thing. You believe and work and chill out when it’s not going to plan… Just let it take time. That’s my mantra right now. Great songwriting – to change the flow of the tide, to change the industry, to up the standards. Right now, it feels like no one is really putting in much effort – bad is now good. I don’t want to just settle for something that ”will do”.

What’s the most inspiring place you’ve ever visited?

I was just in Macedonia, and there was a beautiful monastery across the lake from Skopje. I’m usually not affected by religious buildings, but this one had an extremely calming presence, and the peacocks danced for us all day. I also adore Tuscany – my beautiful friends live out there and I’m lucky enough to go and stay and absorb their wisdom. We make videos and take pictures, and write and talk about the world. I love my time there with them. I also adore London – it’s like nowhere else. Always busy, so many things going on, the crowds and the isolation, the stress and the joy… it’s all about the mega highs and the mega lows.

What drew you to Buster + Punch products?

The raw nature of them – I love raw materials and earthy/rustic things. They are also clean and modern and unique. My friend Anthony, the artist Rugman, is working with you guys now. You’re building a lovely community and that’s really special. You guys are generous and kind – I really respect that.

What new business/projects/music are you currently working on?

I am writing loads of new music, planning to put out 4 songs at the end of the year with a special show around each one! I’m just using this year for groundwork, learning and exploring. I’ve been seeing lots of new countries and learning about new cultures; I’m currently in Strasbourg on a Youth Exchange revolving around the negative representation of women in media. It’s so interesting. I am meeting loads of really lovely people and learning something from each and every one of them. And I’m doing the simple things too – working on friendships, reading books… learning who I am. As Jack Gilbert, one of my favourite poets, wrote “she was just good at being alive”. I want to be good at being alive!