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The remarkable home of Alex Lewis

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The remarkable home of Alex Lewis

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We are always interested in hearing stories about Buster + Punch used in new and innovative ways, and one such example of this is the remarkable home of Alex Lewis. Alex Lewis became a quadruple amputee with a facial disfigurement in 2013 after contracting Strep A. Alex spent twelve months in hospital and is in ongoing rehabilitation to learn to walk again. Alex had been renting a farm house since coming out of hospital four years ago, but when he discovered a new development in his area, he decided to move and adapt the new house to make it more accessible for him (and his Labrador). Alex and his family were able to extend the ground floor of the new house, as well as build an external office.

We spoke to Alex about this process and the challenges he faced: “Having become a quad amputee there were certain aspects of the design which were necessary for me, such as opting for built in furniture at heights which were suitable. On opting for Buster and Punch hardware, not only was it coveted by me, but using split hook prosthesis means that we need grip wherever possible. The knurled brass grips to my hooks so all kitchen doors were fitted with brass FURNITURE KNOBS. Brass PULL BARS were fitted where possible to also make it easier for me, especially by the bar, so that I could get to the corkscrew quickly!”

On the design, Alex says: “The defining factor in the design of my house is that at no point did I want it to look as if it had been adapted to suit disability’s such as mine. Through careful planning and strong relationships with trade, we designed and built a home where product design and contemporary furnishings, work in conjunction to facilitate an easier life for me and my family. A twist of fate has put my family through some torrid times in the past few years and the least I could do is to give them the type of home they deserve”

The Alex Lewis Trust was set up to help fund the costs of Alex’s rehabilitation. To learn more or donate, visit the website here: