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Why choose LED lighting?

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Why LED is LIT

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Let’s face it, most of us probably need to lower our energy consumption. Start digging where you stand by looking around your home. An easy place to begin is lighting. Switching to a LED bulb not only uses less electricity than an incandescent light bulb, they also have a longer life expectancy.

Buster + Punch LED lighting

The problem with LED bulbs has historically been their appearance, -sleek looking bulbs are hard to find and the thought of ruining the look of beautiful lighting fixtures by using a generic bulb is devastating, which is how the BUSTER BULB was born.

Buster + Punch LED lighting

The BUSTER BULB launched in 2015 and was the world’s first designer LED bulb of its kind. The aim was to provide an option to the traditional bulb, which was not only eco-friendly but also aesthetically beautiful. In 2017 it was awarded the GOOD DESIGN™ award for its design, energy efficiency and functionality. Inspired by the Edison filament bulb, the teardrop-shaped glass shell houses a resin light pipe, creating a crisp, clean quality of light.

Buster + Punch LED lighting

BUSTER BULBS come as both dimmable and non-dimmable and at 2700K they provide a soft, ambient light. At 5W they consume just 1/20th of the energy of a conventional incandescent bulb and also has an expected life of 30,000 hours. BUSTER BULBS can be fitted into any light fixture that uses an E27 (Europe), E26 (US) or B22 fitting and look great hung over tables, bars, bedside or when teamed up with Buster + Punch lighting ranges.

Energy efficient, sustainable and really good looking. 

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