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Bedroom lighting- HOW TO SET THE MOOD


When it comes to the bedroom atmosphere, you generally strive for a sense of peace and harmony. It’s recommended that the optimal sleeping environment is dark and cool, and consequently lighting is often overlooked; however it’s just as important as for any other room.


Bedroom lighting essentially has two purposes:

1. The first one is the one we tend to focus on; lighting for functionality, for example, closet- or bedside lighting.

2. The second type, however, is often forgotten, even though this is, in fact, the most important purpose; atmospheric lighting to help promote relaxation in order for the body to unwind and prepare for sleep.


There are a few tricks for this; one way to set the mood is to shine a light on the wall above the headboard by the use of a spotlight. Gently illuminating corners will help create lighting that softly targets the room.

You can also hang a pendant above the bedside table. If you prefer to read before falling asleep, it’s important to have a good reading light – one tip is to ensure it’s dimmable to be able to adjust the brightness.

[sleep. TIGHT.]

Tips from Helena Åkerberg, Light Architect at Greatlight 

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