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When you do it right, bringing together a host of influences can lead to unique interior statements. In the case of this Los Angeles villa, Matt Sorum, former Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver drummer, enlisted the help of designer Ryan Saghian to sculpt a home that reflects his many travels.

Although he’s already moved into his next project in Palm Springs, Sorum wanted this particular villa, built in 1929, to retain its Cali-Spanish flavours, enriching the original architecture with pieces from Europe and beyond. 

Art nouveau pieces from Paris rub shoulders with lavish rugs from Morocco and Istanbul and rich velvet upholstery. There’s mid-Century pieces too, a reflection on the pureness of handcraft that Sorum adopts in his own artistry. In the kitchen, the easy repeats of the black and white tiles are definitely something appealing to someone whose career has been forged in precise rhythms. 

When it came to selecting the hardware Buster + Punch brings its characteristic… ah, Sorum says it just as well himself; “The feel is pure Rock N’ Roll. It has that edge and makes a bold statement, catching your eye, and not a lot of hardware and electrical switches can say that.” 

And those lucky enough to be invited round for a jam session can hit the Buster + Punch Rockstar Bar for a loosener. Take me home (oh won’t you please take me home)…