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Introducing the Buster + Punch KITCHEN


Gone are the days of fitted kitchens with short lifecycles and limited flexibility. The Buster + Punch Kitchen is a new way to curate a custom-built, modular, freestanding space that adapts over time to fit your life. 

Inspired by the professional chef’s freestanding kitchen, our founder and creative director, Massimo Buster Minale uses his architecture background to strip back the elements of the modular units. It all adds up to a perfect blend of function and flexibility, with the level of aesthetics and quality you’d expect to find in bespoke furniture. 

“We wanted to flip the conventions of kitchen design, using our hardware and detailing as the launchpad for the design itself, and how you configure it. The result is a kitchen that’s adaptable, usable and feels like it’s been machined from one solid piece of metal, stone and wood. It’s a design linked to every part of our DNA, a complete kitchen look that’s got B+P character and style in every configuration”

– Massimo Buster Minale

You can design your dream Buster + Punch Kitchen online whenever you want. And, with stress-free installation by our own white glove service, your kitchen will be made with the same precision and engineering as our acclaimed solid metal hardware.