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L’appartement-atelier Joseph, in Lyon, France, is a renovation that achieves one of the hardest balancing acts in architecture and interiors – balancing history with modernity.

The apartment is the home and showroom of BC Ateliers, which also designed and planned the renovation. Under the high ceilings of the canut-style space, typical to the region, lies a space well suited to renovations and BC Ateliers took full advantage of the opportunity.

Using arches as an architectural reference the history of the dwelling and also iconic design shapes from the 50s, a period the designers are especially fond of. The arches materialise at different levels throughout the space. Sometimes as doors, in other cases, storage, alcoves or headboards.

Ceramics, warm natural woods and contrasting strong and softer colours add depth to the enviable expansive walls. Tobacco tones, earthy reds and deep blues are indented into the neutral backdrop, and brass hardware and electricity switches from Buster + Punch feel like they were always meant to be in a space like this.

It’s a renovation that you sense is going to feel warm and embracing, regardless of the season.

[design. BC ATELIERS.
[photography. SABINE SERRAD.