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Transform storage into a design feature

Great renovations and new builds have a knack for turning storage into a feature that helps to bind and link together spaces and rooms. The functional aspects are ever present, but the appearance and presentation of materials, shape, hardware and detailing can lift storage solutions to an artistic level that deserves celebration.

And celebrate we shall…

Project / The Nordic Barn House

A uniform corridor of fitted cupboards and cabinets in light, lightly treated wood is always a joy to take in. Perfectly positioned Buster + Punch Closet Bars and T-bars in brass add warmth, and the mirroring of the linear white framing on each side of the corridor is perfection.

Trip the white fantastic with us and feast the senses on this monochrome selection. Slightly gloss white cabinetry delivers a traditional essence, while the black Buster + Punch Closet Bars evoke modernity. The rehaut on the thick frames of the doors adds depth, and the stone parquet is vibrant and energising. Crisp.

The mid-2000s saw a shift change in interior storage, as designers began exploring translucency in cabinets to create drama and intrigue. Rather than hide everything away, we could curate a scene with stored items. Like this project by Annika Rowson, using fluted glass to flirt with our gaze.

In challenging spaces with tricky angles, fitted storage comes into its own and becomes a purebred design feature. When we see this in projects, it’s hard not to be mesmerised. Go big and bold with the hardware to emphasise proportion and scale.