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Former F1 racing driver Jenson Button and his interior designer wife, Brittny, recently finished their LA home. The classic LA villa architecture retains much of the original character externally. It’s inside where the story takes an eclectic narrative twist.

The Buttons have curated spaces with the charisma of the Riviera and hints of LA power glamour, balanced with earthy tones and organic shapes. Everywhere you look there are details that keep the eye moving as materials flow and handcraft-inspired furniture meets designer pieces.

A central living space has a vaulted, suspended hallway that halos around it as curves meet straight lines. This dynamic between straight lines and curvatures continues through the home – arches feature heavily in textured plaster.

The Button’s home is one that lets materials speak in their native tongue, with abundant natural tones. One detail seldom seen is the use of thinly fluted wood panelling in the bathroom.

Buster + Punch Linear hardware and switches in brass provide an anchor point in the kitchen. According to Brittny, this was a deliberate decision to elevate the space and add a sense of glamour. In spaces like this, Linear’s refined lines are a perfect match.

Far from the clinical precision of the racetrack, you get the feeling that the Button’s home is an intimate portrayal of its owners true personalities.

Home / Jenson Button & Brittny Button
Interior photos / Jessica Alexander
Video / Aim Media Group