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We spoke to Gainesville interior designer, Amanda Carreon about the importance of detailing, balancing blends of exotic materials, layering and why the purpose always needs consideration.

Introduce yourself and your firm.
My name is Amanda Carreon; I am the owner of Jerome H Davis Interiors, LLC. I am the fourth generation in my family to be in the furniture and home design industry. 

How closely do you work with your clients, and do they actively participate in the creative process?
I approach each project in a collaborative and educational design structure. While my eye for the big picture is a large part of why I am hired on the project, the client’s viewpoints must be a large part of our trajectory as they will live in the home daily. Beyond wants and needs, it is important to me to educate my clients on all pertinent possibilities that apply to their home and decision-making process. They do not do this every day, yet it is one of their most significant investments, so ensuring they are educated on the value, the reason for the design/layout, etc., is fundamental to me.

The projects in your portfolio share a commonality of a sense of comfort. It’s not something you hear so much in higher-end interiors; explain the importance of comfort in the design setting.
Approachable and intimate luxury interiors are something I am passionate about. Making the space visually appealing and luxurious is only truly attained when you create a space as inviting and warm as it is “Lux.” 

As with some of our favourite architects and designers, your background is in fashion. What aspects of that have you brought into your interior work, and how does it impact your projects?
Layering! It is a massive part of a space’s success and overall project feel. Using complementing textures, colours, metals, and textiles is the same in design as when you pull together your ensemble for the day or couture fashion. We try to bring all of those elements into our projects.

Stone and wood feature often in your work – with some exotic combinations and material selections. Where does that come from? How do your clients react when they see these combinations in reality?
Wood and stone help warm the space yet create a feel of stateliness and presence. I am lucky on many of my projects, and in this one, I have a client who fell in love with the exotic textures and grains of the wood. The icing on the cake is our local craftsman team that can bring all these exotic elements to life, Jason Straw and team with Straw Woodwork and Co. Without these craftsmen, the project wouldn’t have the same impact. We introduced Macassar Ebony, Ziricote, Walnut, Curled Eucalyptus, and more throughout the project. 

Who do you look to for inspiration?
There is a spectrum of inspiration from nature, to pioneers of the industry, to my own travels and day-to-day life, seeing how textures and elements reside in an ecosystem. 

What was the brief for your latest project, Luxe Living?
The project’s goal was to take a builder-grade home the clients had recently moved into and built and transform it into a custom architectural millwork mecca while creating a space that this family could enjoy with their two young children!

It’s a very polished project. How important is attention to detail in your work?
As my mother (former owner of Jerome H Davis Interiors) would say, the devil is in the details. I must pay attention to the transitions, installations, vein alignments, etc. Then, on top of my eye for detail, is an even more excellent detailer – Jason and his installer, Patrick, to whom I owe much of this project’s success. I feel lucky to collaborate with people who share the same detail-minded approach that I do.

We firmly believe details can elevate an interior to a whole new level. What’s your take?
I agree 100%. Without a detailed approach, the project can remain stagnant and typical.

How did you find Buster + Punch, and what drew you to the pieces you’ve used?
The client and I searched for decorative lighting switches, found your website, and realised many elements of your catalogue fit the style and feeling this project was heading for.

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