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Sold as a pair. A pair of door knobs made from solid metal and featuring our elegant linear knurled detailing. Works great on all internal doors and can be combined with our matching door accessories.

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      Q + A

      What sizes are the Square bars and adaptors?

      Door Lever handles will have a 5mm square bar with 8mm adaptors, door knobs will have a 8mm square bar.

      We recommend that the handles and door knobs are to be installed with through bolts, why?

      This ensures that the products are more secure and allows them to sit level.

      What latches are recommended to be used with the products?

      We always recommend using our B&P latches. Door lever handles will require a 57mm backset, door knobs will required a 82mm back set. Thumbturns are supplied in both.

      How do I clean the products?

      Use a slightly damp, micro fibre cloth, ensure there are no loose hair and strictly avoid the use of any chemicals.

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