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Renovation season is upon us and there is one finish which we can’t get enough of at BUSTER + PUNCH. Meet smoked bronze, the finish which goes with everything. Like black for your wardrobe, smoked bronze fits effortlessly into your home and completes your look. 

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An alternative for those who have grown tired of copper or want something more subtle than silver or gold, smoked bronze is discreet, yet effortlessly cool. Smoked bronze has a depth which traditional black lacks, it is the grown up bronze for those who are serious about details. Each piece of BUSTER + PUNCH smoked bronze HARDWARE is handmade, creating a natural, one of a kind feel.

We are all drawn to home accessories which satisfy our need to feel natural materials and nothing beats the tactile satisfaction of the unique knurling on BUSTER + PUNCH’s smoked bronze HARDWARE. The weight of smoked bronze can elevate functional fittings, instantly upgrading a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Style smoked bronze with dark cabinets, army greens, navy or light grey and even other metals. It is a chameleon finish which blends effortlessly with any colour scheme.