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Discouraged by noisy, overcrowded bars and tiresome no reservation policies, entertaining at home has never looked so attractive. 

HOOKED 3.0 / Mix / Stone & Steel – Ceiling pendant lighting fixture
MACHINED flower vase in BRASS
STACKED candle holders in SMOKED BRONZE
ROCKSTAR Whisky bar in American Walnut

As party season moves in, entertaining at home becomes more frequent. The key to entertaining at home during winter is to plan as little as possible, giving the occasion an edge of spontaneity which will allow guests to enjoy themselves. A few small tweaks to your living space can prepare your home for an impromptu party or intimate drinks with friends.Fresh flowers placed in different spaces can energise the living areas, creating an air of theatricality. As an alternative to buying cut flowers, try placing mixes of rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, flowering dill or elderflower in our MACHINED VASE. 

Have some candles to hand when the sun goes down to amp up the mood, like our STACKED CANDLE 3.0. No good party is without a cocktail or two so make sure you have a well stocked home bar. Keep your basics such as whisky, vodka, bitters, lemon and soda topped up, ready to throw together your guest’s drink of choice at a moment’s notice.BUSTER + PUNCH’S ROCKSTAR BAR is the ultimate at home drinks cabinet and will impress your guests. Pair with a carefully chosen party playlist.

[Images: Linn Herbertsson]