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Madeleine Klingstedt is a Stockholm based interior designer and stylist who has recently launched her own furniture line called Lineaire. Madeleine describes her style as minimalist but not typically Scandinavian, incorporating European elements from Paris, London and Milan. We caught up with Madeleine to get an insight into the working day of an interior designer and stylist. 

Buster + Punch: How do you start your day?

Madeleine: I’m not really into routines, as no two of my working days are the same, but I always start the day by checking my work email in bed, then I look Instagram for new ideas, taking screengrabs for me to check later. I would love to be the kind of person that goes out for breakfast but I am usually at the my gym SATS and breakfast consists of a nut smoothie from their juice bar. 

Madeleine Klingstedt

Buster + Punch: What is the first thing you do when you arrive at work?

Madeleine: I recently moved into new offices in Nybrogatan, but I am often running between meetings around Stockholm. One day I am on site with a client, the next I might be styling for a photoshoot, I might be looking at prototypes for my brand or new products for a client. The only thing that stays constant is me doing the accounting for my company, which I love because it makes me feel focused. I usually take working lunches at vegetarian café Pom och Flora in Odenplan or La Grande Rue in Ostermlam. 

Madeleine Klingstedt T-bar steel & brass

Buster + Punch: Who are your meetings usually with?

Madeleine: My meetings are usually with brands to find out what products they are launching, with clients but I also meet plumbers, mirror makers, electricians. These people are my best friends because they help me out of tricky situations. The electrician I work with a lot, Jurgen has saved the day numerous times! 

PULL BAR / plate in brass

Buster + Punch: How would you describe your interiors style?

Madeleine: I love mixing modernist architecture and furniture mixed with something very new. I am really interested in researching fashion brands for their colour choices, in particular Prada for their accessories, textures and materials. I use examples from bags or clothes for my mood boards. 

FURNITUE KNOB / plate / steel & brass

Buster + Punch: How do you stay inspired for your work?

Madeleine: I stay inspired by visiting galleries like the Moderna Museet, ArkDes or Galleri Glas in Stockholm which only features work by artists working with glass. I find ideas for my projects by walking around areas like Lärkstaden which have been built in the 1920s by city planner Per Olof Hallman. I like the fact that is its break away from the traditional architecture of Stockholm and it reminds me of areas in London like Hampstead. I also love the Buster + Punch store in Stockholm and Fernando is a star, always helping me to pick out pieces for clients, we recently chose a door handle as a toilet roll holder for a client. 

FURNITUE KNOB / plate / steel & brass

Buster + Punch: Do you have any after work events for your job?

Madeleine: After work I will often attend events for work such as new product launches or press dinner for design brands and even some fashion brands. I am in the midst of planning a kitchen renovation so I am spending a lot of time on that. I am planning to use Buster + Punch furniture knobs with plate in my traditional Stockholm style kitchen.

All images by Madeleine Klingstedt and Buster + Punch