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We were extremely fortunate to work with such a talented team of creatives on SWITCH UP, from Robin T. Peters the director, to supermodel Cajsa Wessenberg, British female rapper MS BANKS, A Little Nation production company and dance artist Bianca Traum. 

Buster and Punch are two female, motorbike riding, cyborgs who have been sent from the future, to eliminate mundane, plastic, home fittings and replace these with solid metal details, which can stand the test of time (and flame-throwers).

“We have always prided ourselves on being the first to most things, in an effort to bash down the walls that contain (and sometimes suffocate) the interior products business. It’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I am very proud to announce our first short movie which in a portal into the Buster + Punch world: SWITCH UP. Through a filmic narrative, we have been able to tell our story in an unconventional and exciting way, cementing us as the ‘black sheep’ of interiors” .
– Massimo Buster Minale, May 2018

The director Robin T Peters on creating SWITCH UP:

“I never considered light switches much before this project, but has soon as I saw Buster + Punch I realised I NEEDED light switches. I think what sets Buster + Punch apart, is that it has the ability to reach people who never cared about interior design before. Massimo and I had been discussing a film project for a few months at the beginning of last year, he wanted to make a grime music video for Buster + Punch, where as I was pushing more for cyborg short set somewhere between a Luc Besson film and the matrix, with Daft Punk styling.”

While these were all traditionally very macho references, Massimo was adamant that the protagonists Buster and Punch should be female and so the idea for SWITCH UP was born:

“I love sci-fi, which is currently having a renaissance as a genre, therefore I wanted to cast Buster and Punch to have a otherworldly quality, with human characteristics but hyper efficiency. Cajsa Wessenberg was an amazing fit for the role of Buster as she has a toughness and fragility which makes her stand out from more traditional models. I was also thrilled to work with British Rapper Ms Banks, introduced to me by the composer Orphée Noah, who adds the vocals to the tracks and plays the role of Buster and Punch’s as artificial Intelligence”.