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Neil Norton Design is a UK-based, bespoke kitchen and furniture company, focusing on high quality interior spaces.
Buster + Punch spoke to Neil about the benefits of bespoke interior and what makes a great kitchen.

Neil Norton Design

What is Neil Norton Design?

Neil Norton Design provide premium one-off designs and solutions, skillfully crafted by our team of expert cabinet makers, Showrooms UK Wimbledon & Ireland Tralee.”

Neil Norton Design

What do your clients ask for?
“Clients come to us with a wish list. This typically includes ideas and images surrounding style, colour and finish but ultimately, they want true professional guidance. -What I say to people is that we won’t let them make mistakes.”

Neil Norton Design Buster + Punch

Why bespoke?
“The benefit of a bespoke kitchen is that the furniture is designed to enclose any awkward spaces, streamline areas and maximise a space. Regardless of budget, quality is always our top priority.”

Neil Norton Design Buster + Punch

What is key when it comes to successful kitchen planning?

– Listening to the clients needs

– Understanding their life and style preferences

– Choosing the correct appliances

– Selecting the right style

– Taking in consideration the surrounding areas.

– Creating a multifunctional room

Neil Norton Design Buster + Punch

What should everyone have in their kitchen?
“A kitchen pantry/larder. This can be used in a number of ways: a place to store everyday essentials, drinks cabinet or breakfast cabinet. It comes with great storage capabilities as well as the visual appeal of an organised space with a multipurpose.”