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Buster + Punch Interior design

It’s all in the details.
Check out this Stockholm apartment highlighting dark colors and combining monochrome tones with intricate and bold details.

Buster + Punch Interior design

A combination of Brass and Steel MACHINED CANDELABRAS and VASE, line the dining table, accompanied by our white marble CAGED WALL LIGHT, here placed in the windowsill.

Buster + Punch HOOKED

The matte black kitchen cabinets boast our PULL BAR / PLATE and FURNITURE KNOB / PLATE in steel, mixed with brass for a refined touch and feel.
Extra texture and detail are introduced through the hardware, which works as a contrasting highlight to the bold and dramatic look. The atmosphere is completed with our HOOKED 6.0 NUDE Brass chandelier with tube bulbs, creating a striking impression.

Buster + Punch Kitchen
Buster + Punch Kitchen
Buster + Punch Kitchen
Buster + Punch Hardware

Get inspired and combine your favorite finishes for your home.
Now for sale via Fastighetsbyrån
Photography by Clearcutfactory