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No kids allowed in this newly renovated room

Work hard, play cool appear the driving forces in this ‘adults room’ bought to life by Brownlow Furniture.
Two small rooms were knocked through into one for the two occupants, who both work from home. A clean, wide desk lets them work side by side during the day before pouring a stiff drink in the evening to relax with friends. 

With an abundance of natural light, the architects could fall back on a darker, smoky colour and material selection. Shelving and cupboards is inlayed with golden hues, and cabinets, walls and frames are clad in a deep green/grey, which spills over onto the custom billiard table.

The architects felt that Buster + Punch’s smoked bronze T BARS and PULL BARS were the perfect match to this powerful, evocative interior.

Hard to disagree.

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