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If you’re new to Buster + Punch then you need to know one thing – we’re obsessed with solid metals. For us, steel is one of the purest super alloys to work and design with. It’s got incredible strength, which means you can push it creatively further than other materials without worrying about a design losing any of its function. And there’s the lustre, which keeps its stunning good looks for decades. 

Give us a block of steel and we’ll take you and your interiors to new, uncharted territories with a smile on our face and a twinkle in our eye. 

Put it into a minimalist setting and it will pop like a well-chosen accent colour. Use it in a functional space like a kitchen or bathroom and it’ll glow and shine. And living rooms or social spaces transform into the kinds of panoramic visions you see in interior photoshoots. 

Hold your breath and clear your mind as we deep dive into this powerful, provocative material.

Door by NJORD

[explore. STEEL.]