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 It’s time to fall in love again, with Buster + Punch’s latest look.

Linear is our new signature knurling pattern made using a diamond-milled CNC lathe.

Inspired by fashion accessory hardware, Linear has a subtle strength that allows a new set of proportions to explore. Door handles feature a unique oval stalk, and other details include our signature torx screws and subtle logo stamp for authenticity. 

Including door handles, door knobs and thumbturn locks, Linear evokes a new Buster + Punch aesthetic. The range blends seamlessly with Linear cabinet hardware to unifies spaces and entire interior design projects.

This is also the first range to include our new finish: Welders Black – a hard wearing off-black, created using an oxidised PVD finish found lots in haute watchmaking. 

It’s a great finish to design with, fitting easily into any interior and the beauty meets beast persona of PVD will keep its fresh aesthetic even in a hardworking contract space.  

“Linear is a collection that opens up a fresh new way to design with hardware that really triggers the imagination. It’s like discovering Buster + Punch all over again.”

Massimo Buster Minale, founder and creative director, Buster + Punch.