If you want to unlock one of the best kept secrets in design, you’ll need a solid metal key. One hewn from BRASS. 

[photography. DAVID JANSSON.]

We take solid pieces of brass and precision machine it into its form, refining it by hand with a sharp pair of eyes to ensure there’s no imperfections. It’s then given two layers of super durable lacquer.

Unboxing any of our brass pieces is as close as it comes to unearthing buried design treasure but the real beauty of brass happens after a while. It’s a ‘living’ metal, meaning that as you use it over the years it will take on a patina, those radiant box fresh hues becoming deeper and richer. It becomes a visual metaphor for how you live. 

Whether you’re working it into a kitchen, bedroom, living or social space or even your bathroom, never underestimate the power of brass to attract admiring glances. 

Here’s a few highlights from our brass collection to help you sculpt an interior that speaks intelligence, for a timeless look that only gets better.