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How To Set the Mood Where the Magic Happens.

The bedroom is a real interiors oxymoron. We probably spend more time in it than any other room in the home but most of that time is when the lights are off and we’re dreaming. Yet, when we’re there in that hazy time before lights out, or during a lazy weekend flicking through a magazine, it’s our sanctuary – a place we really unwind and shrug off the stresses of the world outside.

[project. ANNIKA ROWSON.] & [photography. THE VIRTUE.]

The role of light in the bedroom is one where mood and ambiance is central, it’s calming and soothes the soul. That said, with some smart thought behind your lighting, you can still make a statement interior that reflects who you are without compromising your circadian rhythm.

[photography. GRAHAM ATKINS HUGHES.]

At Buster + Punch we’re preachers of lighting as a key element of interior architecture, and that it’s not about having enough lumens to light an amusement park. Think instead about how a good bar or restaurant uses light, to focus the attention on specific things, or light a large space evenly without ever feeling harsh. In these spaces, architects use combinations of lighting tones using overhead lights, lamps, wall lighting and spots across different levels in height. Adding some dimmers as a finishing touch, creates a dynamic space that you can control.

And don’t forget, lighting these days is no longer just about lighting downwards. Explore how you could use your walls and corners of a room to bounce, channel and reflect light as you add drama to your space.

We dug into our archives for a little bedroom lighting inspiration, hit the store to shop the looks.